Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Treatment Begins

Still catching up and it may take several post.

December 7, 2005. My first Chemo at the Cancer Care Center of Indiana here in New Albany, IN. My nurse was Robbie and she was great. Donna came from work to be with me, which was great, and Mom was in the room as well. Room 27 and the chair that they want you to get comfortable in was broke. I got there about 10:00 and left around 2:15. No problems what so ever. They mentioned that I should not take aspirin, refrain from drinking alcohol and refrain from having un-protected sex. I came home and took a nap for about an hour feeling just fine.

DRUGS: Adriamycin, Blenoxane, DTIC or Dacarbazine, and Velban.

My only major complaints I had with all my treatments was some abdominal pain that was left and right of mid-line and the pain (craps) went up and down. Really strange. Also a bad taste in my mouth-metallic taste and certain smells would make me nauseated.

I had treatments on Thursdays and allowed myself 3-4 day recovery period before scanning patients the following week. I really tried to get all my work done that week but still felt fine doing my job. That week was also a blood stick to check my white count and every time it was completely normal (which surprised them all). One of the biggest complaints was being really tired and could not be around anyone smoking. I really feel that I maintained my levels by doing the following: The following Monday I would always get Detoxed. This was a process that through the pours of your feet the soaking method would pull heavy metals and toxins out of your body and the water was just nasty. This was every other day. I would also get laser treatments on my immune system. I will try to find more information out on this laser but I really feel it works. For example: I had a keloid scar from my biopsy and right after the first treatment it was about 50% of what it was. After about seven treatments my scar was not visible. In addition, I would take the following meds:
VITALINE CoQ10 400 mg with 200 IU Vitamin E 1 a day
C-1000 PLUS VITAMIN C 666 mg 2 a day
RECANCOSTAT POWDER Glutathione ½ teaspoon a day
OMEGA-3 FISH OIL SUPPLEMENT 2 teaspoons a day

Feb/06 Repeat PET scan (halfway through treatment) was completely normal! Yahoo!

With such GREAT news, I decided to take a trip to Hawaii just to celebrate with my best friend Keith. We had a great time.

May 6, 2006 was my last Chemo! 12 of 12. CAT scans were completely normal! Yahoo!

To celebrate that my best friend and his wife (Big Mellencamp fans) got front roll seats, yes we were right on the stage-stage left and Keith and I both got to shake his hand and was by far the best concert of all times! We have seen him many, many times before but this was the best!

Sept 23, 2006 I met with Dr. Chowhan and he ordered a repeat PET. He felt like it was going to be normal and hopefully I could get this port out of my chest wall.

Sept 26, 2006 PET showed more cancer, Neck, clavicle and possibly axilla all on the left. Nothing else but this really, really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct, 2006 CAT scan of my neck confirmed the PET results so now what????

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