Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Consult with Dr. Chowhan/Test results

I got great news today! All the test I had in Cleveland~NORMAL~!!!!!!

I saw Dr. Chowan today in New Albany and he was very encouraging. I think he said "Hang tough and it will all be over with soon". He even made me an appointment to see him one week after my projected release from the hospital. I gave him my calendar and he went over it with great detail and asked me about some things and if I had any questions or concerns that he could address. Overall, I felt pretty good and I know I have to keep him in the loop for my follow-up care. I'm glad that Cleveland is also sending him my test results.

Still feeling really good and looking hard to find someone to work for me. I will let you know more when I have more news!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back from Cleveland


Two full days of testing at the Cleveland Clinic. I'm feeling better about the SCT and the whole process. I got the results of my CAT scan which was NORMAL! This is great news showing that the two cycles of ICE I had did it's job! I was told I no longer needed a third cycle of ICE which sounds good to me.

I had such a great time with Keith, Cathy and the kids. It's one of those things that words can't describe how much I appreciate you guys and all that you are doing for me. It looks like you will be seeing more of me real soon. Hope your finger you cut off and that super glue you used WORKED!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Sorry it has taken me so long to update you all. I’ve been doing pretty well and I have been trying to nail down some dates with Cleveland and I got them yesterday.


1/17/07 Drive to Akron for outpatient testing in Cleveland in the AM.
1/18/07 9:00 Meet with Social Worker
10:30 Meet with Transplant Coordinator
12:00 Meet with Financial Coordinator
12:15 Meet with ID Research
12:45 Labwork
1:20 CT Neck with contrast
2:00 Pulmonary Function Test
2:40 Heart Echo

Head back to Akron

1/19/07 10:00 PET Scan/CT Scan of chest/abd/pelvis
1:15 Bone Marrow Prep
1:45 Bone Marrow Biopsy *May need a ride

Spend the night in Akron drive home the next day.

1/22/07 Start third cycle of ICE in New Albany 8:00-4:00
1/23/07 “ “
1/24/07 “ “
1/25/07 “ “
1/26/07 Remove pump from port 8:30 am

2/4/07 Head to Cleveland
2/5/07 8:00 Ekg, Labwork,
8:30 Consult with Dr. Dean
9:15 Chest X-ray
10:15 Surgical Prep for catheter placement in Radiology
2/6/07 9:00 Hematology/Oncology Catheter teaching with RN

2/8/07 Neupogen
2/9/07 Neupogen-Chemo Treatment
2/10/07 Neupogen-Chemo Treatment
2/11/07 Neupogen
2/12/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/13/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/14/07 (MY BIRTHDAY) Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/15/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/16/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/17/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/18/07 Neupogen

(Now, it is my understanding that these dates may change if they collect enough stem cells-so, if the dates change, I will try to update daily)

2/19/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -17
2/20/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -16
2/21/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -15
2/22/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -14
2/23/07 Stem Cell Collection -13
2/24/07 ? Day of rest -12
2/25/07 ? Day of rest -11
2/26/07 ? Day of rest -10
2/27/07 ADMISSION Busulfan/Chest-x-ray -9
2/28/07 Busulfan -8
3/1/07 Busulfan -7
3/2/07 Busulfan -6
3/3/07 Busulfan and Etoposide -5
3/4/07 Etoposide -4
3/5/07 Cytoxan -3
3/6/07 Cytoxan -2
3/7/07 Day of Rest -1
3/8/07 Stem Cell Infusion 0
3/9/07 +1
3/10/07 +2
3/11/07 +3
This will continue till a hopeful discharge around +15. Most likely stay in Akron for a couple of days to make sure no problems. Will need Keith to take me home. (I’m thinking)