Thursday, December 21, 2006

Second cycle of Ice-Day four!

Man, it really gets one down to have to sit and receive chemo for 8 hours! I was a bit sick today but I think it was just all the chemo. I'm glad it is over with.

I got some tentative dates for Cleveland in the mail today but it is showing a slight conflict that I need to correct. I will let you know more of the dates when I figure it out. Looks like they have a lot planned for me!

Katie brought me lunch and sat with me for a while. It was good company. I think this was the first time she has been able to come to the center because of school. Not a place I would want to work at`too depressing for me.

Pastor Dave stopped in and it was real really surprise! He prayed over me which was very comforting. I'm going to try to get Mom and the kids back out to church on Sunday. Katie said she wants to go and I'm not for sure about Mom's schedule. I don't think she is working. She went last Sunday and loved it! Oliver has not been yet. The youth lead the service and he will love it! I would bet money.

I do have 2 scans in Bowling Green tomorrow that I'm going to scan. Jeff's schedule has him working till 4:00 on all the day that I have planned for him to scan patients next week. I think Tues and Wed he may meet me where I'm scanning so we can get this training down. I hope he can work it out. I think I have about 5 scans on Tues and 5 on Wed. I will let you know how I do when I get back in town tomorrow afternoon. I hope it's not bad as I still have Christmas presents to buy! YIKES! Not one present under the tree but we did get the tree up! Thanks to Oliver!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Second Cycle of Ice Day two and three

Second day was miserable. Had lunch but it came back up. Stayed in bed most of the evening.

Today was much better. A bit queasy but better today. Found a new person to do my scans and I hope he works out. Trying to figure out sometime to do some training. I scheduled about 12 patients today and I'm going to try to do 2 of them this Friday. Bowling Green, yes I know I should not be doing this right after chemo~been there and done this before but I can't loose this account.

Once more day of 8-4 at the cancer center. YUCK but I will get it done!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Second Cycle of ICE Day One

Today was uneventful. It is just so boring sitting there for 8 hours! Still wearing the pump home that has to stay on till I return in the AM. Feeling really tired but nothing out of the norm. All my blood counts were normal! I think they are continued to be surprised with that. They say that everybody that takes ICE their blood counts are really out of whack. I will try to update tomorrow evening. Hope all is well!! Alan

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hair is falling out.

Yesterday, I was at the office running my hand through my hair, and it just started falling out in gobs. Went to the barber and she cut what hair I had off. Oliver got a razor out and shaved what stubs were there, so now I'm not an old, fat, bald guy. I didn't want it to go, but I figured it would eventually. Oh well, part of the process I know. Alan

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Neulasta shot or something else??

Well, this Sat. I developed intense low back pain to a point I had to take a couple of pain pills. I can't recall pain this intense ever before! I did nothing out of the norm and I've not had any significant low back pains for years.. The nurse told me that the Neulasta shot will "kick-in" when my blood count drops. She was acting like 'when it does, you will know'. She said it would make you bones hurt. So, I was really hurting for just one day! Back to normal and scanning patients tomorrow. My second round of ICE starts on the 18th. Alan

Monday, December 04, 2006


This weekend was not all that good. I was still trying to recover from my drive that I should not have done. Today, was not bad. Still feeling a bit tired and quezy, I had to go to the cancer center for a blood count and Neulasta shot. My blood counts were all normal so why they gave me a 'preventive' shot, I just don't care for. Anyway, doing better and I will update when needed.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Day five of ICE

I got to the center today and they showed me how to remove my overnight pump. I was there like 15 mins. Got on the bus and drove 2 hours to Danville KY for four patients and it was a struggle to get back home. I completely wore myself out! I did this once before and I knew better but I needed to get this new account taken care of, since I lost my help. Anyway, just been so tired I've not felt like doing a thing except sleep. McKenna was over for a bit but I didn't get to spend much time with her at all. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Nites!