Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's been a while and I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing well. My soon to be 21 year old has caused some undue stress on my life when she has decided that smoking pot and who knows what else is more important than taking care of her daughter! I had to step in, along with my ex-wife and got an emergency custody order, which was granted. McKenna is 16 months old, lives with me and goes to her Grammies just about everyday to see her. We love her very much and she has been a blessing to us all. It is just sad for me that my daughter doesn't realize what we have done "with love" for not just the baby but for her! Time will tell. We went a whole month Dec 8, 2007 till Jan 5, 2008 of not knowing where she was at. No contact, not even wanting to see her baby which as a father, really made me sad but I knew we had to do the tough love thing but one will always worry about their own child's safety and well-being. She has only surfaced once at my house and that was to pick her clothes up and once at her mother's. She saw that baby for about 5 mins and that was enough. My ex told her she loved her and she replied "If you really loved me you would give me my baby back!" Sad, but you can see what level of immaturity we are dealing with.

As for me I'm doing ok. I think the SCT took a bit more out of me than I thought it would. I still have some residual things going on like fatigue, do desire for red meats and a stigma from my accounts that look at me differently as a person that has cancer. This I think has hurt business a bit. Working on some new accounts though to stir up referrals/income.

I have an oncologist appointment on 1/24/08 and I suspect he will order a PET/CAT on me. Will be approaching my one year post SCT in March. Thinking back still to this date of all that I went through, makes me nassuated every time!

I will let you know how my appointment goes. Blessings to all!


Heather Z said...

so glad to see you posted an update. was worried that you hand't communicated in so long. sorry to hear about your family hardships. hopefully the pet scan is clean and you stay in good health.

heather z.

Lori said...


Hi, I am Lori Matthews. I have been following your site for sometime now. Your name is added to a prayer list at on Asher's list A-K. There is a registration list on the site that needs to be filled out if you want to stay on the list. Your name will be deleted if the registration is not complete by April 8. I know you are having a difficult time right now, but please take the time to let Laura (administrator) know you want your name to be kept on the list so we can check on you and follow your blog and offer thousands of prayers for you and your family. I have your link saved in case you are taken off, but lots of people will lose the link once it is off of Asher's list and will not be able to follow your journal.

I apologize if you have already gotten this email, or may get it several more times but as of right now you are showing as not registered and your name will be taken off if Laura is not given permission to keep it on.

Thank you so much and I am praying for your family.