Friday, May 09, 2008

PET scan today!

Hello everyone! Had my repeat PET scan today so we will now wait for the results hopefully on Monday! Got the result from all the blood work I had done last week and everything was in the normal range! Just praying that the results come back NORMAL. Had a long talk with Christ last night and asked the Great Healer to touch me and heal me! I know that He is with me and while I was waiting for the the dye to become optimal prior to scanning I felt very comforted! Like the Holy Spirit was with me. We will see what lies ahead! Trying to stay optimistic but it's hard to do.

Open the mail and got bad news that my health insurance carrier Anthem has cancelled my coverage. Not good but I guess they felt like they spent enough on me. Will be looking for new coverage and I hope that won't be a major ordeal.

Everything on the home front is doing well. Once I get the results I will repost.



Anonymous said...

Alan - just checking in and will pray that you have a clean scan result.

Heather Z.

Anonymous said...

No news is good news!