Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Consult with Dr. Chowhan/Test results

I got great news today! All the test I had in Cleveland~NORMAL~!!!!!!

I saw Dr. Chowan today in New Albany and he was very encouraging. I think he said "Hang tough and it will all be over with soon". He even made me an appointment to see him one week after my projected release from the hospital. I gave him my calendar and he went over it with great detail and asked me about some things and if I had any questions or concerns that he could address. Overall, I felt pretty good and I know I have to keep him in the loop for my follow-up care. I'm glad that Cleveland is also sending him my test results.

Still feeling really good and looking hard to find someone to work for me. I will let you know more when I have more news!


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Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard in a while. Glad you're keeping us updated.

Kathy with a K

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan; Not sure our 1st comment went thru, but it was good to hear from you, and your test results were good. Good luck, hang in there.

Charlie and Ethel

Anonymous said...

That's Great!