Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Sorry it has taken me so long to update you all. I’ve been doing pretty well and I have been trying to nail down some dates with Cleveland and I got them yesterday.


1/17/07 Drive to Akron for outpatient testing in Cleveland in the AM.
1/18/07 9:00 Meet with Social Worker
10:30 Meet with Transplant Coordinator
12:00 Meet with Financial Coordinator
12:15 Meet with ID Research
12:45 Labwork
1:20 CT Neck with contrast
2:00 Pulmonary Function Test
2:40 Heart Echo

Head back to Akron

1/19/07 10:00 PET Scan/CT Scan of chest/abd/pelvis
1:15 Bone Marrow Prep
1:45 Bone Marrow Biopsy *May need a ride

Spend the night in Akron drive home the next day.

1/22/07 Start third cycle of ICE in New Albany 8:00-4:00
1/23/07 “ “
1/24/07 “ “
1/25/07 “ “
1/26/07 Remove pump from port 8:30 am

2/4/07 Head to Cleveland
2/5/07 8:00 Ekg, Labwork,
8:30 Consult with Dr. Dean
9:15 Chest X-ray
10:15 Surgical Prep for catheter placement in Radiology
2/6/07 9:00 Hematology/Oncology Catheter teaching with RN

2/8/07 Neupogen
2/9/07 Neupogen-Chemo Treatment
2/10/07 Neupogen-Chemo Treatment
2/11/07 Neupogen
2/12/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/13/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/14/07 (MY BIRTHDAY) Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/15/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/16/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/17/07 Neupogen-Labs-Chemo Treatment
2/18/07 Neupogen

(Now, it is my understanding that these dates may change if they collect enough stem cells-so, if the dates change, I will try to update daily)

2/19/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -17
2/20/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -16
2/21/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -15
2/22/07 Stem Cell Collection with Neupogen -14
2/23/07 Stem Cell Collection -13
2/24/07 ? Day of rest -12
2/25/07 ? Day of rest -11
2/26/07 ? Day of rest -10
2/27/07 ADMISSION Busulfan/Chest-x-ray -9
2/28/07 Busulfan -8
3/1/07 Busulfan -7
3/2/07 Busulfan -6
3/3/07 Busulfan and Etoposide -5
3/4/07 Etoposide -4
3/5/07 Cytoxan -3
3/6/07 Cytoxan -2
3/7/07 Day of Rest -1
3/8/07 Stem Cell Infusion 0
3/9/07 +1
3/10/07 +2
3/11/07 +3
This will continue till a hopeful discharge around +15. Most likely stay in Akron for a couple of days to make sure no problems. Will need Keith to take me home. (I’m thinking)


Anonymous said...

Sounds likes a rough month, you know that what ever you need we’ll be there for you! Me Casa, Su Casa. Just don’t be expecting breakfast in bed or a late night pillow fluff!
We will keep the dates open and you on our prayers.
Remember, God is Love!

Anonymous said...

We'll even have a birthday cake for you and Connor!
Cathy & Keith

Anonymous said...

Be strong and courageous and get to work. Don't be frightened by the size of the task, for the Lord my God is with you; He will not forsake you. He will see to it that everything is finished correctly. 1 Chronicles 28:20

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your SCT. Remember to take it one day at a time and you will get there.

Plus - make sure your family imports food while your in the hospital!

Anonymous said...

I love you little brother and although I will not be with you during this, you will be in my heart and prayers, and I know that God and your faith will show you the path to take, and you will be strong and safe in His hands.

A said...

One thing I realized during my stem cell transplant is how strong I was and I never knew that strength was within me until I was tested with Hodgkin's Disease. All the obstacles I had to face, I overcame. You seem to have lots of family and friend support which will help you get through so many tough times. You also have it within you that "strength" which will get you through all this. Keep the faith and remember you can win this battle! God bless.

Best Wishes,


Doris said...

Alan, I think of you every day and you are in my every prayer and I know you, of all people, will be given the strength you need to get through this, and knowing you, you will be able to muster that beautiful smile throughout it all. I LOVE YOU - you know me - Doris

P.S. God bless your wonderful friends, Keith and Cathy.