Sunday, December 10, 2006

Neulasta shot or something else??

Well, this Sat. I developed intense low back pain to a point I had to take a couple of pain pills. I can't recall pain this intense ever before! I did nothing out of the norm and I've not had any significant low back pains for years.. The nurse told me that the Neulasta shot will "kick-in" when my blood count drops. She was acting like 'when it does, you will know'. She said it would make you bones hurt. So, I was really hurting for just one day! Back to normal and scanning patients tomorrow. My second round of ICE starts on the 18th. Alan


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better now!

Alan said...

Much better. It was so strange it was like I had three knifes sticking me at all different times along my sacrum and both sides of my pelvis. It was really strange.