Friday, November 10, 2006

Cleveland Calls

I got a phone call today from Dr. Smith at the Cleveland Clinic. He concurred that the pathology slides is showing recurrent Hodgkins's. I expressed the conflicting opinions of my oncologist and he just said that I need to stick with their plan of treatment and that would be to move forward with SCT. My appointment is 11/21 @2:00 to further discuss the game plan. He said that he would call Dr. Chowhan and try to get me going with Chemo prior to me heading up to Cleveland. He told me that Radiation is not necessary nor indicated for my cancer and SCT would be the choice of treatment at my stage and age. He said that I was not Stage II like Chowhan said, but I would still be Stage III as it was in the beginning.
For some reason this does not change. I questioned the bone marrow taps and he thought I would not need that but he was going to check with Dr. Dean to make sure.

Not a lot of options at this point so I'm trying to get my head straight with regard to what I'm facing. Dr. Smith said that he has read some of the blogs out there but was reassuring me that everyone responds differently. He said it was a good thing that I did not really get sick with the first round of chemo and my labs were always within normal ranges. I have to face this challenge with the best fight that I can give it. Keith and Cathy are going to the appointment with me. We are getting questions/thoughts/concerns on paper prior to the appointment. Getting my head straight (my BIGGEST worry) is the kids. I've got to face reality and worry about ME. Kids will be fine and I will only be away for 5 weeks or so.

Business: Trying to find someone that can do my scans for me. Showing Katie how to run the business. Alice's last day was today. I'm going to have to tap into my retirement to make ends meet. Met with two marketing reps today about stirring up more business for me and they presented some new ideas. I hope we can work things out.

Asking you all to keep praying for me and I will do my best to keep you updated as treatment moves forward.


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