Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More information

Cleveland calls and tells me that I had to get another CAT scan of my Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis which I had done this afternoon at Priority Radiology here in New Albany.

The stem cell coordinator called me today and tells me new information. First off, there was no need for me to make the trip back up to the clinic because she can provide me all the information I need over the phone or email. So, she tells me that I must first respond to chemo to a point (I guess) that the PET scan is within normal limits~not showing any hot areas. With this in mind she continues to tell me that I may have to have three cycles of chemo down here before I head to Cleveland to have the PET/CAT's scans there. She acted like at that time I would move into the process. Chemo starts on Monday and it sounds like one week of treatments and off a week~this I would venture to say all depends on my blood levels~if something is out of whack, it might be two weeks off before my next treatment.

It's looking like I won't be heading into the SCT procedure till sometime in Jan. I will find out more on Monday from Cleveland and I will let you know how I'm feeling after my first treatment. I hope it goes well and doesn't get me down. I would like to try and get some work done at the office.

I think I have found someone to do my scanning when I'm not able to. His name is Raymond and he seems really nice and I think a quick learner. I've shown him the In's and outs and I think he's got it down. Thanks to Mary Kay at Spencerian College for helping me out!

Katie thinks she got food poisoning. So sick that she had to go the the Emergency Room today severely dehydrated. Ran a couple of bags of fluid in and she perked right up. No more Tumblweed for her for a while!!!

McKenna is a sleep in my bed. She is spending the night with old Pop'eee. She is the sweetest thing. I hope she sleeps all night. Mallory has been pretty upset with Adam and she tells me he does nothing to help. I'm not for sure if it's going to last. I think she is starting to think the same.

Keith, Cathy and the kids are coming to town and I've been invited to his parent's for Thanksgiving meal on Friday. Yes, they celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving day. Why? I guess that is the only time they all can get together to exchange presents. I can't imagine Christmas shopping so early. I'm still going to wait till a day or so before Christmas to do my shopping as I always do!
Anyway, don't eat too much and have a Great Thanksgiving!


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