Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day three of ICE

Long day sitting at he Cancer Center! Got there at 8:30 and left at 4:00. Had a great lunch with my friend Barbara. She is great! We talked about everything and I think I may have stirred up an old hidden talent she has, that has not been explored for sometime. I think together we may build upon it and turn it into something good! I hope I've inspired her to see if she can still paint. We will see.

As for me, I was told that day would be my worst and I actually feel real good. Still very tired but no leg cramps, abd. pains are all but gone, lab counts are good. I'm feeling much better as compared to the other chemo I had. I just hope that it's doing what it is suppose to be doing!

December 4th I'm scheduled to get a Neulasta Shot to boost my white blood count in order for me to move into cycle two of ICE...the problem is I would be schedule to take it during the week of Christmas and they facility is not open enough days for me to get all my treatments in. The following week is just the same with the New Year so it looks like they are going to let me start my second cycle on December 18. If I figured it out right, my third cycle would begin on Jan. 8th. After that I will head to Cleveland to get a PET/CAT scan. AGAIN, these are all tentative dates: Feb 5th I would meet with Dr.Dean Feb 6th with the Stem cell coordinator, Feb 7th I would start a round of Chemo. Feb 9th-22nd I would start drawing off my stem cells in combination of continued chemo treatments and it looks like Feb 26th I would be admitted and be there for 3 1/2 weeks. After I go home, I would not be allowed to do very much for about a month.

Raymond scanned his first patient for me today I will check his work and see how he did. I hope he works out!

Mal had the locks changed on her apartment. It sounds like Adam is moving out for sure. She seems to be doing pretty good and is going to try to maintain the apartment for another month in hopes that she will be able to afford it, but I think had Mother and I have determined she will not be able to do it but she has to see it for herself.

Anyway, treatment 4 scheduled for the am. I ahve one patient to scan in Louisville and I'm going to try to get it done after the chemo is done. Might have 2-3 more scans on Friday. Like I said, I'm feeling like I can do it as long as I don't have to drive too far. Nites!


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