Monday, November 27, 2006

First ICE treatment--Interesting Hodgkin's links

Well, I got to the Cancer Center at 8:30 and was finished at 4:30. I have an external pump attached to my port and they will take this off in the am when I return for treatment two. This is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I guess I will head back into the clinic on Friday to get the pump off.

My muscles are aching, I've felt a bit nauseated but not to bad. Really trying to stay up with all this and not let it get me down. They tell me that one of treatment (one full week of chemo) equals one cycle. After the first cycle is complete, NO MORE TREATMENTS for two weeks. So, it is a week of treatment, two weeks off before my next round. May this might be good in that it will allow me to work some but I was really wanting to get it over with and head to Cleveland. They are still telling me I will need three cycles before I head up to get a PET/CAT scan at their facility.

My insurance looks like they will pay for travel, gas, food and hotel as I need it for up to $10,000. This might work better staying at the hotel at the hospital when I start dumping my stem cells off.

I got a phone call today from an old friend Keith Carpenter and it never fails that he has always brought a smile to my face when I talk to him. I would venture to say he does that with everyone he meets, except for the bad guys! As teenages, we worked together at Gateway and I think we played more than we worked! He is a great guy and it was a pleasure talking to him as always. My Mom came with me today. They gave me Antivan? it made the room spin, did not like that so I think I will eliminate that tomorrow.

I'll try to update you all tomorrow.

I found some interesting links:


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