Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day two of ICE

Long day at the cancer center! 8:30-4:15.

Last night my legs got real crampy along with some abd. pains but not real bad. Overall it doesn't seem as bad as ABVD. I'm getting tired and feeling not like doing too much. But sitting around all day doing NOTHING would make one tired!!!! Man it sucks just sitting around that place, unplugging your IV, dragging it to the bathroom, just being there SUCKS!

I don't feel down I just feel really tired. Day three tomorrow. I'm taking my Bible with me and I have a friend that is going to bring me lunch. My dear friend Mark stop in to see me and it was nice to have a visitor! Really, he is my insurance agent and we had to take care of some buisness but he is a good friend. Try to update you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Alan, thinking of you on "day 3" and hoping you're still feeling alright! It was good to see you over Thanksgiving, and McKenna is beautiful : )

Still praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

LIVESTRONG! You are in the fight of your life. Get mad at the cancer, you have to beat it with your mind as well as your body. Look at every drop of chemo that goes into you and picture it in your mind fighting the cancer! Remember, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger! You have everyone on your side, and God is on your side, together every one will help you beat this! God is Love! This is ture!

Alan said...

Thanks guys! I bought a laptop today and I think this is going to be my way of staying in touch with home and my friends. This blogspot seems to be keeping everyone up-to-date as to my status. I'm feeling really good. Told the kids about my plans and they know that this has to be my time. Kinda sad talking about it all because you know I will always worry about them. Luv you guys!

Anonymous said...

That is very encouraging that you are still feeling well! Keep things in perspective and stay positive! Stay focused on your healing.