Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Plans keep changing

Dr. Chowhan calls and says that I need a full week of chemo and with the Holiday at hand, the first day is scheduled for Monday 11/27. The chemo at the center takes 5-6 hours each day for four days and I guess one of the drugs they give me is a 24 hr drip in the form of a pump. So it looks like I will be spending most of the week at the cancer center and in my own bed. I hope it's not bad. Alan


Anonymous said...

Remember, God is in control and it is all in His hands. His timing is perfect!!

Alan said...

Your right! You know me, I just want to be done with it all.

See you guys Thursday or Friday!


Awareness Matters said...

Wishing you the best Alan. Keep fighting strong and never give up. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

Best Wishes,


Maureen McHugh said...

Hi Alan. I followed this link from the Hodgkins board. I used to live in Cleveland and had a false relapse (the biopsy in my case showed it was an inflammation called 'sarcoidosis' which in my case affected my lymph nodes and showed up on the PET Scan.) I met with Dr. Dean at Cleveland Clinic to discuss stem cell transplant before the biopsy. He used to be with the National Institute of Health and man, did he know his stuff. I did some research on Cleveland Clinic and stem cell transplants and they are one of the top five in the country. These guys know what they're doing. I'm glad I've dodged that bullet (at least so far) but I was sure glad I was in good hands.

May all go well for you.

Anonymous said...

alan --
praying for you, bro. God is love........