Thursday, November 09, 2006

Follow-up Consult with my local Oncologist

Well, I had my follow-up consult with my local oncologist and he seemed a bit ‘put out’ with me. Almost like he was mad that I got a second opinion with the Cleveland Clinic.

He was telling me things much different than what Cleveland told me. He said that the first thing I need to do is to repeat the bone marrow taps to make sure that it is not went to my bones. If it did, I may not even be a candidate for SCT. He said the second go around (this time) with chemo, there is a higher risk that the cancer I have might not respond to chemo, if so, than I would not be a candidate for SCT. “We would hope that it would respond” he said.

SO, my hopes for getting a game plan in place today is still up in the air. He says that I need to go back to Cleveland and see what they want to do. It was almost like he couldn’t do anything else for me, which really upset me. I’ve been a month and a half without any treatment since my cancer has returned and it’s going to be a couple of more weeks before I can get back to Cleveland. (11/21) appointment.

Dr. Chowhan thought that I needed to do two cycles of chemo, draw my stem cells off and keep moving forward with the SCT process, which is not what I wanted to do. I asked Cleveland if they thought I could do just Chemo and Radiation with the hope that it would not return by checking it every three months or so with a PET and they said no problem. BUT, I knew that if it would return a third time that my only out would be SCT. They acted like I still would have a 90% chance of full remission after the SCT. Dr. Chowhan disagreed. The likely hood of the chemo responding the third go around is like 20% and that would give me a 20% to survive this cancer.

I’ve prayed over all this and I think that I just have to stick with Cleveland. Chowhan can’t do the SCT anyway but he did say he could do the chemo down here for me. I guess I will head back up to Cleveland and see if I can’t get me a game plan, which I was hoping would have been in place today. FUSTRATING!


Anonymous said...

Alan, I came across this and thought it was wonderful. I don't know who wrote it though. We're praying! Love, Cathy and Keith

I have cancer. There isn't an explanation as to why I became sick. All I know is God has a plan for each of us, and for each plan there is a purpose. Some of us know what our purpose in life is, and others will never find it. Then there are those like me who accomplish it without ever realizing it.

My journey with cancer will not and has not been without purpose. It is through my illness that I have helped doctors understand this disease a little more so they may find a cure. It is through my illness that I have opened the eyes of those around me to how precious life really is. Something we all too often take for granted.

It is through my illness that some of those around me have realized that life is too short to be afraid of our feelings. My cancer has been beaten back by the power of love. It is the most powerful of emotions, one not to be afraid of, but to be embraced. To be loved by someone unconditionally and completely is to reach into your soul and feel warmth.

It is through my illness that I have shown there is no guarantee for the future -- only dreams for it. Whether the future is just another day or another 75 years, we should all dream big and live fully everyday.

It is through my illness that I have seen the strong cry, only to find more strength.

It is through my illness that some of us who haven't talked to God in a while have once again begun to pray.

It is through my illness that I have joined the hands of those familiar to those of strangers, to form one long chain. I have already accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, and each day I continue to touch the hearts of many.

That is my purpose.

Alan said...

That was great! Thanks Guys!