Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day -0- Happy Birthday to me.

HCB 9.8
WBC 2760
PLT 171K

I hate birthdays! I just celebrated one so why would I want to celebrate another one? I do understand the significance of this birthday but I really don't care. I just want to put all this in the past and pretend it had been a bad dream but I know reality will never allow me to ever escape this once diagnosed.

The nurses came in the room today and drew pictures of balloons, something that I guess looks like a stem cell?? and wrote Happy Birthday...stem cells do what your supposed to do! It was nice but I was not in to it.

The cells came to the room (like a bag of blood) and was pretty uneventful. The initial taste was like spaghetti O's. The smell was more like rotten eggs to me. It didn't last long so it wasn't that bad. I started to get chilled so I covered up and fell asleep. Woke up feeling pretty good. My throat is not as sore but it still hurts a bit. Overall, I feel pretty good.

I will try to update tomorrow. Nites! Alan


Heather Z said...

I felt the same exact way about day 0. I like my original birthday and don't want a new one.

Eat lots of ice cream and get lots of rest. You are doing a great job!

Heather Z.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Only 11 more days until d/c!!! You're doing a wonderful job....hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Well let’s talk about birthdays!

Mallory was born a few hours past my birthday. Then along comes Connor born on your birthday. Next we have Mckenna with a due date on Christi’s birthday (born a few days before her birthday). Now we have your new stem cell birthday on Eric’s birthday!

I say we take all this birthday dates and play the lottery! Then we would be able to take everyone to the Cayman’s.

Hang tough and count down the days.