Monday, March 05, 2007

Day -3

HCB 10.7
WBC 4700
PLT 242K

Blood counts heading down!

Well, I got rid of that nasty Etoposide and I was doing well. The started the other chemo drug at 12;00 Noon today and it has made me sick a few times. One bag and it runs for two hours. The same thing is planned for tomorrow.

Mallory tells me her car stopped running and she thinks it is the transmission. Cathy got her to drive her old (Katie's car) until they can figure out what is wrong with hers.

Mom tells me she was robbed! Thank god she was not hurt and of all places...Going into bingo. Some kid just ran up to her and tore her purse from her arms and ran. She called the police and they have pictures from the security cameras but you could really tell she was quite upset. She said she hated to tell me but I told her that I can't worry about things at home that I have to concentrate on ME and getting through all this. She understood and didn't mean to upset me, if she did. I tried to tell her that I was doing fine, trying to stay strong.

I did get to walk a few times up and down the halls but the drugs were getting me a bit light headed. Going to watch some TV and get a shower before lights out. Connor, I'm going to play # 4 on DOND. Wish us luck! Miss you guys...


Anonymous said...

Alan -

Your doing the right thing. You need to concentrate on Alan, everything else can wait.


Anonymous said...


Your mom called us on Sunday and I spoke with her. I told her that you really looked good and are doing well (which is true). I think it made her feel better. She's a mom and she is going to worry. I told her she could call anytime she wanted. I am sorry that she was robbed! Don't you worry about that...she is fine! Don't worry about Mal know Cathy can handle it! This is your time to concentrate on healing and kicking the cancer's butt. Stay focused, strong and keep the faith.
PS...laundry is done..Keith will bring it to you on Weds.

Anonymous said...

hey sorry your mom was robbed. i hope your doing ok. when you come back maybe you can pick me up from school and go buggin'. For dond i will pick 6.If you try good luck!!



Anonymous said...

You are being prayed for. You are NEVER alone - God is ALWAYS with you.