Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 4 Temp/can't swallow

HGB 9.7
WBC 30
PLT 35
Temp 101 or so.

You don't want a temp in this place! They have stuck me and drawn more blood than they deserve. I'm not feeling to well. Hard time speaking and can't swallow nothing. The took me downstairs for a chest x-ray and they tried accessing my port (not the Hickman) and can't get any blood return. They are getting cultures on all the blood and urine. I really tried and all this needs to go away real soon. I think tomorrow the start giving me Neupogem in hopes that my white count will go back up. I'm going to lay back down,


Anonymous said...

I know it is probably hard, but try to stay positive. Just remember, this time will pass. Soon it will be much better and you'll be home with the family.
Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darlin'. Tough day for you. Prayers said!!! Saw Keith yesterday. Said he was traveling a bunch. I am sure it is lonely up in Cleveland and knowing no one!! You are very loved even in Ohio though!! You are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Let Go And Let God

Today I let go and I let God
take charge of this life of mine.
Now in the dark corners of my soul,
His light is beginning to shine.
All of the cares and worries that
I have carried around for so long
He has lifted them from my shoulders,
and filled my heart with love.
Problems that were overwhelming
suddenly seem very small,
and come what may, starting today,
I know I can handle them all.

If you are troubled,
'Let Go and Let God'
take charge of your life for you, and
however dark life's shadows seem,
His light will come shining through.
Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

"When God is about to do something great, He starts with a difficulty. When He is about to do something truly magnificent, He starts with an impossibility."

-Armin Gesswein

Anonymous said...


I am sorry you are having a rough time. I hope you are feeling better soon.


Debby Cushing said...

Alan -
I'm sorry that you are feeling so rough.....maybe knowing that there are strangers out here thinking of you, and praying for you, will help you get through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

When the going get's tough, the tough get's ging. Hang in there. We are praying for you.
Roberta & Virgil

Kathie said...

More prayers from Walla Walla. Sorry your feeling so poorly. There are alot of us checking in on you many times a day. Hate the thought of you being there alone. I hope one of the churches can send somone to be with you. Will make time go quicker.
God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

I often think of this quote when I think of you..."God demonstrates his love in adversity by providing for us what we need to survive. He may not change our painful circumstances, but he will certainly sustain us through them." Keep the faith. The kids say hi!


Anonymous said...

I hate it you are feeling so bad and we are so far away! Mom had me call the hospital so she could talk to one of the nurses, that made her feel better, they told her you were doing good as to be expected, that what was happening was pretty normal, even though it doesn't sound normal to us. Try to sleep as much as you can, Hopefully when they give you the nup it will all start to go away.we love and miss you

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,
Remember, I am only a phone call away if you need anything! Don't hesistate to call me.
I hope today is a better day for you. Keith said you were going to start the "drugs" (morphine). I hope that helps you sleep, sleep, sleep so that you wake up feeling much better and stronger. Hang in there, you are really doing great.