Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day 5 A lot going on

I don't have my lab values as of yet but they tell me it is the lowest.

Today is the day that my counts should start going back up!
They tell me there is an infection in my blood in which they think the SOURCE is the Hickman catheter or my PORT so both has to come out tomorrow or the next day. They try to tell you that you are just ahead of the game but it really feels like I took a step back. Once they take care of the source, hopefully they can get rid of the blood infection and cover it with the right antibiotic.

I got two units of blood and a bag of platelets along with a bunch of other stuff. My throat is felling a bit better, but it is still raw.

Not to happy but I have to really look at this as a step ahead of the game! It's hard but if I look at it that way, things look better. I was going to have to have the Hickman and the Port removed on the day of my discharge anyway.

MB. I've been thinking about you and the kids a lot. Please tell them I said hi! Hope all is well with you. Don't work so hard!

Mark, got your voice mail and all I can say is you are a dear friend to be concerned. Love ya brother! I'll be home soon enough.

Anna Mae and Bertha, the cards keep putting smiles on my face. Thanks!

Virgil and Roberta---What was the eye surgery for? Hope that is all better!!!!

Keith and Cathy, you know I love you guys. Thanks again for everything.

Barbara--I got your card today and it was the same card my cousin Barb sent me so it made me laugh even more. Thanks Sweetie!

HeatherZ. thanks for your kind words as well. Trust all is better with you.


Anonymous said...

It humbles me to witness your courage and strength.

You really are one step ahead if you are having those removed...they would be coming out on Tues. anyway! Alan...only one more week to go!!!! Fight that infection off and maybe, just maybe you can get out a little sooner!
Don't forget, I really am just a phone call away if you need me to bring you anything or just talk. Keith will be back Thursday night. We'll be up on Sunday for a visit. I know you didn't feel up to a visit last Sun. so I am hopeful you'll feel up to it this coming Sunday.

You're doing such a good job at kicking this cancer's rear end...keep fighting, feel the prayers coming your way and keep the faith!!!


keighty. said...

hey dad! sounds like you are having kind of a rough time right now but just be strong for a little while longer... and then it will ALL be over. for good. trust me, i know these things. i got a friend upstairs... wink wink. Nannys a little worried about you. no, shes a basket case! i have never seen her like this. i guess she just wants her "baby" to come home. i want you home too. Me and her and kristy are cleaning like fools for you to come home. i am getting the pets moved into the laundry/upstairs hopefully tonight to get them used to the change. well, text me later. love ya pops!

Anonymous said...

What a great way at looking at those ports being removed. Your attitude is wonderful!! Even when you don't feel like it, you shine through all of this.
I love reading of your love for your family and the will that you have to win this fight!!
Proud to know you. Spring will come and so will your recovery!!
BIG Hugs, Lisa Mansfield

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry that you're having to go through so much! I will keep you in my thoughts and I'm sending hugs and lots of healing energy your way. I hope your counts start going back up very soon.


Vicki Fields (Jayden's Mommy)

Doris said...

Alan, I pray for you and your family every night. What an inspiration you are. You are an amazing soul. I am so glad I know you. Hang in there...I love you, Doris

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog and skimmed through the whole thing this morning. I wish you all the luck and I'll continue to check in on you and send you lots of prayers! Hugs from NC!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing.....thinking of you too. The kids ask about you often and return the Hi!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you to be able to fight this infection off quickly, praying for the doctors to make all the right choices in your care.
The Kyle Family

Anonymous said...

Just saying "hang in there". Miss you and waiting to see you in church again. We had 290 in church Sunday. We are having 2 services on Easter. Talk to you later. Blessings, Sue