Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day +19

Doing pretty well. I've been home a week and just been laying around. Went to the office for about 1/2 hour and that was a bit much. Picked the kids up from school one day, drove home and that was a bit much. So, after SCT they tell you that you won't feel like doing much for the next 30 days, I'm starting to believe them.

Went to my local Oncologist today and all my blood levels were normal. He was surprised. He was happy with how I was doing. Cleveland has me going in every week for a CBC and I will have to drive back to Cleveland in 30 days for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Dean and I think a Pulmonary function test, to check out my lungs.

Here at home everything seems to be on the mend with the cat situation. Katie is still mad and not talking to Mom but it will take her some time. I rocked McKenna to sleep in my arms for about an hour. She is crawling and has gained 5 pounds since I last saw her. While holding her I was thinking about my own kids how I just loved to rock them to sleep and it just brought tears to my eyes to see my baby Oliver now 15. Kids are doing great. Katie and Oliver are on Spring Break and they just wanted to spend some extra time here with me. They have been helping out a lot. Oliver passed his driver's Ed. test and he is dying for me to get him out on the road to see how good of a driver he is. Maybe this weekend I told him. Katie has been like Mother Hen, making sure Dad is ok. She has been taking Oliver any place he needs to be without question. Mal seems to be doing fine, working hard. Mom has taken some time off from work to take care of all my needs and I'm glad she has. Nice to have someone to wait on you.

So, over all I'm doing well. Will update when I get some new news.


Anonymous said...

Glad things are better! Your endurance will improve as you do a little more for yourself each day.

You could always get the babies to sleep when they were little, no matter if they were your kids or someone elses. You have that ability I guess.

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

I so glad to hear you are doing well. Just goes to show that your family IS good for your health! HA Call me if you need anything.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alan,

So glad that things are looking up!! Take it easy...you have loved ones that will take care of you. When you feel up to it call me so that we can catch up.


Anonymous said...

Cheers my day to see you on-line!! Love reading about that Baby Girl!
Glad to hear you are amazing the Drs. You are amazing to us.
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Great to hear such a positive update. Keep taking care of yourself.