Saturday, March 03, 2007

Day -5 "The Shakes"

HGB 117
WBC 1O830
PLT 288

Night of the shakes! I was getting scared that something wasn't right. I was shaking so hard that they call in two other doctors to do a Neuro consult on me. These two knew their stuff and told me they had me on Dilanta for no good reasons but concluded that the Bulsfin was the culprit of my shakes. Yes, after the last bag went in the shakes went a ways and I was able to sleep for the most part of the day. I'm on clear liquids but that is coming up as well. I have been more sick with the Etoposide but I have just been trying to maintain, not throwing up all the time.

Hanging in there. will let you know more tomorrow. Heading to bead,


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying daily!

Anonymous said...

little brother,
you are so brave, you are my HERO. I love you. I am so glad you started this blog, it is my lifeline to you. I pray that mon tues go by quickly.
love sis

Anonymous said...


It was good to see you and talk to you! You seem to be doing very well in spite of it all. You looked good and have a great attitutde. Stay week almost over...only 2 more to go!!! Keith and I are here for ya. YOu know that. Keep New Years Eve in the Cayman Islands on your mind as a focus!! I hope it works out...imagine all that good food on the beach...candle light, sound of the waves...peaceful and fun! I can't wait.