Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day -1 Day of rest

HGB 9.6
WBC 2640
PLT 224

Doing pretty good. I have been resting a lot. They gave me lasix last night so that means very little sleep. Up and down all night long. The fluids are now running in slow since I'm done with the chemo. Tomorrow I get my stem cells put back into my system and they tell me for the most part this is uneventful. I starting to get a sore throat and I hoping it doesn't get out-of-control. Still doing the mouth care thing. The doctors and nurses all seem to be real happy with where I'm at in treatment. They see so much I just hope they are not saying that. I went to a Post Transplant Preparation meeting talking about do's and don'ts post discharge. It was interesting. Everything is good back home with the kids. Katie got a $100 cell phone bill from where we were going over things from my office (which I thought she was calling from the office phone) oh, well, I guess I will have to pay for that one. Oliver is in driver's Ed. My baby...he is as tall as me! Mallory is still having car trouble and they are telling her it's her transmission. I don't doubt it the way she drives. I will let you know how things go tomorrow. Keith is on his way up to visit and bring me some laundry. What a good boy he is! Thanks to Cathy for doing the wash! (I got some more for ya). Love you guys! Alan


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, laundry! My favorite thing! 8' )

I don't mind...I do laundry all day anyway. I am not sure why though.

I am glad you're doing so well...tomorrow is your "birthday" so relax and think positive thoughts all day long.

Talk to you soon!
PS...hopefully your sore throat will go away with a good night of rest.

keighty. said...

hey dad! got a blogspot! you should check it out! its pretty neat! p.s. i heard nannys idea about puttin the dog in a kennel when you get back for a MONTH??? i dont think so! she can stay upstairs and in the laundry room but my dog stays with me!

Call me tom! love ya! k.
oh and write me comments! those are way cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well for you. We think about you everyday & are praying for you. Roberta had eye surgery Tuesday she is doing fine. She has to go back next Teusday for the other eye. We will be looking for you home on the 20th.

Roberta & Virgil