Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yikes! Another year older and it really sucks. Turned 46 and I thought 45 was bad...

I woke up this morning with about 14" of snow on the ground and Keith tells me he is driving me to the clinic today! The road were in pretty good shape but for me to get there in my car, I don't think that was going to happen. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

It's hard for me to express to Keith and Cathy how much I appreciate them. For Keith to take the day off for me...well, it's just hard to say thanks! As we know we are brothers not by blood but by choice.

You know this clinic thing just drive me crazy. Snow was keeping people from getting to the clinic so they are not as busy. We get the early 9:45 and my appointment is for 10:15 but they don't call us back until 11:00. Talk about pushing your patience. Oh well, they got me hooked up to the Vancomycin and got me my shots but my blood values were a bit low. WBC was .4 and low is 4. So, I cannot go out in public, have to check my temp 2-3 times daily, stay away from anyone that might even look sick! The thing they keep saying is WASH YOUR HANDS! I don't want to get sick for sure! I'll have enough of that real soon. My platelet was a bit low as well. I think they are waiting for the Neupogen to kick in and when that happens, my WBC should go up.

Thanks for all the kind comments and I will try to make the best out of my birthday. Spending it with my best friends family is a present in itself! I'll let you know what my blood counts are tomorrow when I get back from the clinic.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to, la, la, la

As always, thinking and praying for you. Steven and Rhianna are very jealous of the 14 inches of snow. Just frigid here with little to no snow. I will try to call later as it is my late night here at work.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alan!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Alan
Happy Birthday to you..

I could go on but I think you get the message..:)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, we are always thinking of you. Miss you at church, but we are praying for you.

Sue Annvxpmtz

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! My 3 children are very jealous of the snow fall. We hardly ever get snow here in Ga.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan! Happy Birthday two days late. I can't imagine going through HD without the Lord - or
anything else for that matter! You will be in my prayers! God bless! Doree - fellow former HDer
(one year post chemo today 2/16/07) and sister
in Christ. p.s. lucky you on the snow - we live in warm and sunny California and would love to see snow!