Monday, February 19, 2007

Stem Cell Collection Process

Well, I got to the clinic early and the first thing they did was draw blood. I had to have a min of 5000 white cell and my platelet had to show a certain number before they hook me up to the machine. They told us (about seven in the room) to come back around 8:30. We got the results at 9:15 and they hooked us all up. My white count was 40.0 WAY UP from Sat. which they said was great. My platelets were still low but up to 80. My potassium was really low. I needed four bags of potassium. The collection process went well it was just a long day. 2:30 when I left there. My stem cell coordinator called me and said they collected 3,300,000. YAHOO! So all I need to do is one more bag tomorrow and I'm free to come home. Still having bone pains from the Neupogen but I don't think I have to take anymore of it!!!!

They called on my car and said the fuel pump was out and they would have to order one so I home they get it in tomorrow so I can leave Wed. morning. We will see.

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Anonymous said...

Alan, Hang tough brother. Great to have you coming back through Akron so much, but I realize the toll it's taking on you. Love reading your comments. You're a strong man and God is with you on this journey.