Friday, February 09, 2007

Second Neupogen and Vancomycin

Went to the clinic today and before I could get out of the drive I got sick. I'm 90% it's the Cipro they are making me take twice a day. Every time I take it I get sick. They are going to see about getting me something else. I got Vancomycin?sp today at the clinic and they gave me my Neupogen shots, changed my dressing and I was there for about an 1-1/2 hours. It has warmed up a bit today I think they said 13 and the sun is out melting some of the snow. I'm doing ok just tried and sick of getting sick when I know it's the Cipro. They told me I had to take my meds or I may end up in the hospital. GET ME THE RIGHT MEDS and I will be fine! My abdomen hurts from throwing up. I have to head to the clinic in the am for more antibiotics. I'll let you know if they get my meds straighten out. They treat everyone the same as if everyone can take the same (protocol) meds and they act like it's your some degree. Everybody is not the same.

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