Saturday, February 17, 2007

Having some bone pains from the Neupogen

Got to the clinic at 8:15 and they took me right back. Nurses were so nice that we all said how nice it would be if it was like this during the day.

My labs: WBC up to 4.0 is is the low end of normal and my platelets were up to 39 but still low.

I could not get comfortable at all last night. Fell asleep at 6:00 and got up at 7:00. I having bone pains in my pelvis and low back and I also notice my skull hurting a bit which is giving me a headache. I brought some pain pills from home and I just took another one prior to bed and I hope it will ease up enough to get to sleep. Other than that I'm feeling fine. I need to give myself the injections tomorrow and Monday head to a different part of the clinic for my first Stem Cell collection. OR whatever they call. I hope they get enough so I can leave for home on WED. at the latest, to see the kids and do a little work in the office.

Keith fixed another great meal tonight and opened up a bottle of wine that was KILLER! He said he could have sold it for (I think) $500.00. Mom and Dad are up here and we just had a wonderful evening with them.

Calling for 3 more inches of snow tonight.


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