Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day -8

Everything seems to be going just fine. I've not been sick and I walked a mile on the treadmill today. Met up with a couple of my friends (stem cell dumping buddies) and I think they are still pissed at me for dumping so many the first day. As they tell me, they were there for all five days. Oh well, ever body is different. I suggested meeting up in SCT lounge for a round of Texas Hold'em. I doubt anyone will show up. The family lounge is really nice. It has a bike and a couple of treadmills, four computers, big screen TV and Lot's of food if you get hungry. Free coffee and I've had a couple of cups tonight.

My doctor came in this morning and was concerned with me being intolerable to the anti-nausea medications. He is thinking I'm really going to need something at some point so he wants to send the Pharmacist up to talk with me. They gave me something very mild and it upset my stomach. He said that I would get the 33 million SC put back into my system and announced that I would be getting Neupogen by IV for 5-7 days to help bring my white count back up faster. He thinks I'm going to do great but is still telling me the rough days are going to be 0-7 for sure.

Keith came up this evening to see me and brought me the much anticipated Ethernet cable so I could gain access to the Internet. He saw me behind the glass wall and was making fun of me. "Look at the monkey...look at the monkey" Ha Ha! Again, thanks for all the comments and I will be posting my blood counts as soon as they come in. Tonight is the first night to draw blood.
Four bags of Buslfin down much more to come.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner was everything I asked for. The food was hot and was really quite tasty. I got a shower and NO water pressure but it did feel good to wash off. Still taking care of my mouth with the rinse and washing. The sponge on a stick and baking soda takes a bit to get use to. It's like you wondering if you have bad breathe but I just drink coffee and say the heck with it.

I hope all is well at church? That is something I really miss. It's like I finally got a strong connection and I had to leave to come up here. Please keep me updated with any new news.

Now that I'm back online it feels good to IM with the kids. I hope that I can keep this up and keep the postings coming. Will update you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Alan sounds like your doing well so far, keep it up. You have the right attitude. You mentioned missing church that you had just gotten into this one. Well I bet you will be part of that church each and every day. They will be your connection. Your not there but your with them and they are with you. Keep up the great attitude and you will out of there before you know it.
Ask around and you will get connected with a church in the area and will have visitors.

Debby Cushing said...

Hi Alan -
I'm happy to see your post and that things are going well - I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Doris said...

Thinking of you and praying for you, Alan.....Doris