Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm home! It felt so good to drive down my driveway. Katie heads out to meet me, hugs me and just starts sobbing. She knows how much I hate being away and I know she missed me dearly. Oliver came over after his Mom got back home from work and he gave me a big hug as well. Mallory brought McKenna by and she just looked at me kinda funny. I took off my hat and she saw my old bald head then she smiled and started kicking her legs. It's a routine when she comes to Poppie's house that we walk around and look at all the antique clocks I have and the way she reacts to a couple of them, I think I might have to make sure I consider those clocks "hers." We played on the floor and I'm certain that she will be crawling the next time I see her. I gave her a bottle and she fell asleep in my arms and I didn't lay her down. Just held her. She is a sweetie! Mallory seems to be a bit preoccupied this evening. Not for sure whats going on but I suspect she is just worried about her old Dad. I tried to reassure her that I was fine. I took the kids out for supper and I told them that the next time I come home I won't be as perky and they understood.

My car was driving me crazy today. I told the dealership that I needed to know as soon as possible if the part they ordered was on the morning truck. The girl at the office calls about 10:00 and tells me it was NOT on the truck. I told her my plight a couple of days ago and I know she was very remorse to tell me the bad news thinking I was going to be delayed another day in Cleveland. I fooled her! I stole Keith's car. Loaded it up and was on the road at 10:30! It was about 5 1/2 hour drive, which was good for me. Keith is going to pick my car up and drive it down Friday to spend some time with his parents. Heading back with him (leaving my car here) on Sunday.

Thanks to all the comments! Eric posted a link to my blog on his blog. I'm glad Heather Z is doing better and to Keith and Cathy~~Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you guys. Thanks! By the way, when I was taking my comforter off the bed this morning, I did find the snake. It's not moved for some time but at least we finally found it! SORRY CONNOR!

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Heather Z said...

Happy you are home for some well needed rest and relaxation. Enjoy the family. My kids always charge my batteries more than any doctor can prescribe with meds!

Heather Z.