Monday, February 05, 2007

Hickman line in place. IT'S COLD!

Man it's COLD! -4 in Cleveland with a wind chill of like -20.

I got to the clinic early this morning for an ekg, blood work etc. I got to see Dr. Dean and he was very happy with how well the ICE went. We talked a bit about the SCT process and he thinks I'm going to do just fine. He said he would like for me to have 7,000,000. stem cells and I told him that was a lot more than what I thought I was going to have to give. I told him that I would like very much to go home but that may not happen. It just depends on how much they get the first couple of days when they draw off the stem cells.

Went over to the hospital and got my Hickman line placed in my left chest wall with very little discomfort. Came home and took a 4 hour nap. Will need to head back up tomorrow morning for them to show me how to flush the lines and get a large dose of Etopiside. That is the E in ICE but I will be getting a much larger dose he said. May cause chills (I had to laugh since it was so cold up here) and nausea.

It is going to be even colder tomorrow. No school tomorrow. Everything back home seems to be in order so one day down and looking ahead!


Anonymous said...

It will be great when this is behind you. I am glad everything is going so well.

Your not missing anything here except our own cold weather.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brother Glad Keith and Family taking good care of you. Freezing down here, I promise to call Mal everyday and check on her and McKena for you, we will take care of things down here, youtake care of yourself up there and don't worry. Brenda seems confident. MAKE SURE you call or write when you can You know how our Mother is!
love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Hey dad! Nice blogspot! Its kind of like myspace only with out the child predators. Anyways, I know I talked to you earlier, but I thought that you might like to get a comment; I know I like them on my myspace. Just thought I would kind of update you. You sounded like you didn’t feel like talking too much and that’s cool. I’ll just write you comments and emails and whatnot. Just talked to nana and she acts like the snow might pass us up which is cool. I'm up for anything - through door number 1: no school and a full day of nonstop work. Door number 2: school, but its a red day so its all good. And my favorite, door number 3: 2 hour delay! I get to sleep in and get in a small amount of an education. yay! I vote for door number 3, which right now seems most likely. Americas funniest home videos is on right now, and guess what. It’s pretty funny. Who would of thought! Kristy went ahead and moved all of her things into mal's room. We’re not going to worry with painting right now, maybe in a month or so. Too much crap going on right now. She said she didn’t care and that she kind of felt bad for having all of her crap in my room plus I don’t think she could really get to her clothes and stuff. So I said whatever. It didn’t take too long to move stuff in so we could move it out or move it to the center of the room and throw a sheet over it. Whatever. I told her I don’t particularly want to mess with it right now either. It’s really cold down here in your room. At least my toes are cold. I just saw a little girl trip over 2 stationary goats. Not in your room, on TV. We have a winter advisory. What does that mean? Snow or no snow? Oh grr. Just ate some mashed potatoes that weren’t all that good. What did you have for dinner? Anything good? Oh also we got a claim denial from ... someone... .I can’t remember right off the top of my head. And m.... hall (HIPPA), the one we sent in just before you left we got 99 dollars? Confused. And geico said that they didn’t have a client under the name of a... Wakefield. So... ok. We got certified mail from someone. I think for medical records. Actually we have a couple of those. Lots of checks for kastan, 3 for us. I have a lot I need to do. Kristy and me went to the grocery store and we kicked some butt with savings! I gave nanny that check and she gave me 10 dollars from it. So we're all good. Hmm... what else. Mom, Nancy, Oliver, Kristy and me were all sick today. Oh and I was a little confused when mom was talking about Donna McCoy. I thought she just said she was sick again. I didn’t know she died. I hope you weren’t confused like I was. Oh and do I need to go up to bizers tom. Or can I just not and put in my contact again. I am really losing depth perception. I almost fell down the stairs earlier. And no, I can’t find my glasses. Mom and mal took McKenna to nassims for spitting up so much but I assume all is ok. Kristy is over at Travis' right now watching a movie. When he came by to pick Kristy up Travis came in and met nanny. Travis is a good kid. I like him a whole lot better than Kyle. You keeping up with all of my best friends boyfriends? Good. Well I have typed a novel. And have been sitting here for a while so I guess I’ll take a break and write you tomorrow. tom do you want me to leave you comments here or do you want me to email them to you? Oh and how often do you want me to mail you your bills and can I use my big boxes and send Christi something? Whatever. Took the trash out tonight. Actually I gathered it up and Kristy and Travis took it out. How nice. My room is clean so is Kristy’s and the living room and dining room and laundry room and kitchen are all clean. The house looks great actually. Although I am going to ask ma to buy me a tote to put school papers and crap in to go underneath my bed and I am hopefully going to completely organize my room. Actually Kristy and I have plans to clean this house, top to bottom, before you come back. You just wait. It’ll be great. I can’t wait for you too see. Also we put the rest of mal's stuff in the garage where our nonworking mg is. So that if I EVER gets a car, I can still park it in the garage. Feel free to write me a letter on my myspace. I believe the address is www. Hopefully there’s no weird stuff on there from some of my weirder friends. lata playa!