Thursday, February 15, 2007

Neupogen, low platelet count, wbc up a little, Vancomycin

I made it to the clinic today. It only took me an extra 45 mins. to get there because of the traffic. They get me back and hook me up to the Vancomycin, drew some blood which showed my WBC at .84 which low is 4.0 and high 11.0. Also, my platelet count dropped to 20 which low is 150 and high is 400 so they gave me some blood to help boost my low counts. They seem to be happy with my progress. The nurses were really nice today. The one is expecting her first child on my discharge date.

Keith's Mom and Dad are flying in tomorrow which it will be nice to see them. I've got several birthday cards and with all the comments~Thanks! They help to keep my spirits up!!

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